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    I would like nothing better right this instant, than to take off my pants and begin to stroke on what is a very hard and feeling neglected cock. The fortunate aspect of this is that just getting a hard-on is very pleasurable to me. From my first successful experience at masturbating, I immediately bonded with my cock and wanted to pleasure myself as often as possible. At first I Randy spears imdb would have said, "pleasuring my pecker" but now I know it is pleasuring myself. The changes that have taken place in me over the years have been more of my appreciation of masturbation and a stronger enjoyment of the pleasure derived and most importantly the realization that I should not feel guilt over my love of stroking my cock.

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    We stopped that 6 or 7 years ago and she says she enjoys my bringing her to orgasm by sucking, kissing, tonguing and rubbing her pussy while caressing her ass and nipples. She then reciprocates by mouth or hand and brings me off. While this is a wonderfully intimate loving pleasurable experience I still get a great deal of enjoyment from the solo experience of loving myself almost daily I think I prefer the joint experience only because I enjoy watching and feeling Upload homemade porn pleasure that she Solo touch stories going through as she cums to climax.

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    This pleasuring of me through my cock would go on until I would or could no longer resist cumming at which time I would buck my ass off the blanket and cum all over myself. My masturbator would not stop milking me even though I might ask that he cease due to the extreme sensitivity of my now spent cock. Masturbation played the most important role for me when I was able to really "cum out of the closet", so to speak, with my second wife. We were able to openly discuss my pleasuring myself and her pleasuring herself. From that we explored how we could bring the most pleasure to one another. This openness around masturbation not only swept away the guilt I had lived with but led to increased pleasure.

    Rough calculations would probably be five or six times a week since I was eleven years old with a subtraction of the last five years of my drinking. As one who truly enjoys playing with myself I have no regrets at all about the time spent enjoying the immense pleasure I have received from masturbation. How could one possibly have regrets over the time spent in receiving unconditional love from ones own self?

    My cock never disappointed me, turned me down, not shown up, had a headache, left me, or took my money and Solo touch stories wanted alimony. It is one of the most Sexy mallika endeavors one can engage in. Besides, who could know better what pleasures my cock than me? I haven't kept score but I do not recall any sessions with either pleasing my pecker or in later years my pecker pleasuring me that were disappointing. Every session is wonderful. Some were perhaps more wonderful than the others. I simply enjoy jerking off too much and all sessions have been at least great. Overall I am not sure of the role of masturbation in my life.

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