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    Magaluf wet t shirt

    I saw one who had a shurt in his ear and I had him he looked gay. We Mzgaluf and were john of going somewhere else since the bar was boutique out. Everybody was drilling, so we were set on passer a restaurant as by as possible. Lil Magnus had a sad good-bye with his new were Reggie the sport. But, if Vera and I daily to go it would be 50 Euros for each of us.

    But tourism chiefs are concerned Magaluf wet t shirt its reputation is being sullied by "sexual" parties being organized by some of the city's most popular venues. Promotional poster from one of the Salamanca bar's facebook page. Two bars in particular have come under the spotlight for organizing sexually inappropriate parties. The Irish Theatre and Gatsby which both regularly publicize events involving wet T-shirt competitions, striptease nights and twerking contests. A video of one such party in which scantily-clad girls are seen dancing in a giant paddling pool while men grope and kiss them has spurred authorities into action.

    The video has sparked an outcry that echoes that caused by a video from Magaluf last summer. The downmarket resort on the island of Mallorca came under scrutiny Gang bang the deans wife slutload a woman was videoed giving oral sex to more than 20 men in return for drinks at an organized pub event. A reportage broadcast on Telecinco last week compared Salamanca to the party destinations of Magaluf, Ibiza and Salou, all resorts that are battling to clean up their tarnished reputations. But now Salamanca is on the map. Wet T-shirt parties, naked women being groped, free drinks in return for kissing and touching Of course, Lee and Ivan went to go check it out.

    The girls were really getting into the music and dancing around. A guy who had his shirt off was wearing an Indian head thing and a lei who was standing on the tables. It turned out they were from Sweden and probably all 18 years old. The Terrible Twins Ivan and Lee were invited on their boat party at 5 pm. But, if Louise and I wanted to go it would be 50 Euros for each of us. It was fun to chat and laugh with Lee and Louise while enjoying the lovely cava sangria. Louise and I were thinking they were full of it. Louise said Yah, go ahead. Although, it would be funny seeing them on the boat get even more drunk than they already areā€¦ and puking on the side of the boat.

    The crazy Swedish girls left a few minutes later. Ivan and Lee left to see what was going on. The boys came back and said that the boat was super full, but they found a cool busy bar with a Wet T-shirt competition which was two bars down. It was packed with Brits. This is where all the people were!! Lee was all excited since the Wet T-shirt was going on and apparently one was really fit good-looking. We grabbed a table with a good view of the stage. Ivan and Lee got beers while Louise and I were only allowed vodka lemonades.

    I guess we had too much sangria already. I noticed a bunch of guys dressed as sailors and figured it was a stag do bachelor party. A few minutes later, one of the sailors gave us a free tray of shots. He was really nice. He told us to take some and then pass it along.

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    The shots were Sambuca. We kept watching the Magaluc t-shirt competition. Magaluf wet t shirt girls would give the judges who were guys from the audience a lap dance and then go talk to the MC. The MC was asking questions about their life. After, the girl would dance on a little platform and get sprayed with water. Their bodies were alright. Louise and I thought one tall blonde girl looked like a horse. The best girl was definitely Maya who was pretty and had a nice body. Louise and I were rooting for her to win. Later, the girls had to ride the mechanical bull. But, instead the controller was making sure the right parts were bouncing.

    I think I could deal with that kind of mechanical bull ride. Maya was quite flexible and made a great pose on the bull. The winners were announced and sadly Maya came in 2nd place. I just HAD to get a picture with one of the sailors who was Magaluf wet t shirt like Popeye. I thought it was hilarious. The English sailors were quite funny. The group of guys were a stag do like I thought. I was talking to Popeye and he looked very sober. I told him he needed to drink more and asked where is spinach was. One guy named Sam. He was like a teddy bear. I asked the English guys where they thought I was from.

    I thought I might be catching their accent. I told them my husband was English. They asked which one and I said the one with the cat ears. I was over there talking to the sailors for awhile.

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