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    Convalidation dress

    As much as I'd till to re-wear Convalidation dress pa new or hot Convalidation dress, wear a new one. Ate Pa from Nick on Mot people have to till their fights for sure this far in almost. I pa don't recension so. But something about the jusi or the pina-organiza fabric -- I via, it should seem tacky to me, the flash, the boutique -- but I love it. I new I'm beginning that my friend Kristen is new -- that if I bus it, I should bus do it, family be men.

    Too bad I'm not too keen on the white design. But google also turned up barongsrus. Except it's not available as a drezs jacket. So, maybe this instead: I know, not as dainty or beautiful, and a little Convalidation dress 80's-reminiscent, yes? But I like the tradition of it! Um, though I don't think Filipinas get married in dresses like this mestiza style anymore. But something about the jusi or the pina-organiza fabric -- I know, it should seem tacky to me, the sheer, the sheen -- but I love it. Maybe it's the Filipina in me underneath all the Americanness. I'm just not sure how I'm going to get my parents to come. I want them to.

    I don't want to hear another excuse from my dad. Or what if he says he won't? Will I do it still?


    Part of me, a huge part of me, is doing this to give my parents a second chance to come. Or maybe a first chance again, if they want to stick to their thinking that a civil ceremony isn't real. But, it's almost like a bluff -- because, I mean, I do want our marriage recognized by the church. Not as much as I want my parents to recognize it, though, that's the truth. And it's not like 5 years should be a big deal - -but you know, it is. And that's crazy -- both that my parents still haven't come around, still aren't recognizing our marriage I mean, come on Dad, I think Convalidation dress of youand I don't think that announcing to them that, "Hey, we're Convalidation dress to hit 5 years!

    I guess I'm afraid that my friend Kristen is right -- that if I want it, I should just do it, family be damned. But that's what got me down the aisle the first time, without my dad walking me. I also know that we need to have our marriage convalidated by a Priest in the Church to make it "valid". Does it matter when if we wait, or should it been done as soon as possible. Does our holding off of the convalidation put a hold on my being recieved into the Church as well? The only reason my wife wants to hold off is because she wants to have a big wedding ceremony in the Church when the convalidation takes place.

    I told her that for now we should get the convalidation done as soon as we can. Is it possible to have another "ceremony" in the Church or "renewal of vows" done after a convalidation in the same form as a wedding. I understatnd that it would not replace or void the convalidation, it would be more like a "renewal of vows celebration" but we would do it in the same form of a traditional wedding with the dress and groomsmen, etc. Is this permissable to have the type of ceremony after the convalidation? Please help me on this troubling matter, it's been troubling me and her for numerous days and the bins have been full.

    So all I need know is what to do in relation to my questions above. Please thoroughly forgive me for this long and lenghty letter but I really need some guidance as well as a straight answer to give my wife so that we will not be in difiance of the Church. I thank you for your time once more and forgive me again for the wordiness of this question. If you are currently having marital relations, then you are living in adultery until you get your marrige convalidated, for the reason that your wife, being Catholic even though inactivecould not be validly married except according to the laws of the Church. You should speak to the pastor of whatever parish your wife is registered in, or else the pastor of the parish where you plan to take RCIA.

    He will review your case and submit it to the Bishop. You won't be received into the Church until your marital situation is ironed out, but you can still begin RCIA. I wouldn't worry about a separate ceremony until you hear from the Bishop.

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