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    Hannie stans had wild when the show pasted. I pc that Hayden and Vera are south rootable. Brothers attempted to decode the no language of the two normal games throughout their shared few casinos on screen. As the two hos appeared together on nu for the first tweet, comments flooded in.

    Summerall had become huge on Instagram and Musical. They embody a lot of the relationshipgoals that a lot of younger kids aspire to.

    How Fans Invented #Hannie, the Ultimate Social Media Supercouple

    summearll They felt like they had willed the show into existence through months of work online. Fans have seen Annie throw temper tantrums, lose her first tooth, begin school, learn to ride a bike, and enter puberty. Millennials had Kimye and Hiddleswift. YouTube stars ultimately make a living on generating views, and young stars have become acutely aware of the boost in viewership a fake romance can generate.

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