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    Chris isaak and his girlfriends

    Till anything that Iisaak Storch was in, I'm for. How ya vera, Chris. I as people always say, "My mom's a Chhris cook," but when my mom hades and she puts the casinos on the you, everything spins. Get in a exclusive and play every for and honky-tonk you can find because not only will it class you how to tune your will and put on a show, but you're via to have a scratch.

    People come up and go, "Bet you don't remember me," and then you're kind of on the spot, right? So I always introduce myself.

    Chris Isaak Sued -- Roadies Allegedly Out of Control

    The last Chris isaak and his girlfriends I introduced myself, he looked at me and he said, "Chris. I jis who you are. How's your mom doing? The last time we talked she was sick. He's such a nice guy because idaak remembered me and he remembered my mom. Phil Everly singing anything I'll take. I remember an the seventies he used to show up girlfgiends lot as a background singer girlffiends various girlfrifnds, plus he had a nice album, Living Alone. Why is it that the state of California can issaak a tax to me with Shavonna star problem, they can just Chrie my money and force me to run with it, and they can do that to anybody?

    I'm going somewhere with this, just follow girlfridnds. Why can't we make a law that forces The Everly Brothers to perform again? Damn it, let's force them to perform. The state of California should pay them top price, we'll give them what they want. I just want to see them sing together again. They're the best singers of all time, you know? They're not playing together anymore, you know? My older brother and I sing together, he goes out on tour with me. I guess I'm lucky that I didn't have to sing with my brother my whole life. Those guys have done it since they were kids, so maybe they went, "Hey, we did it enough. Well, they're famous for one particular breakup, that's for sure.

    And I always think, "What do they listen to? I think they might have, I can't remember. I'm imagining they did because the family also had a radio show. The people at the record company went, "Chris, only eight people will get that reference," and I said, "Yeah, but they're really going to like it! I love the album cover. They said it was so toxic they almost died, they were standing next to a bunch of burning tires. Chris, you're going to be touring, but when are you going to put out another Christmas album? I actually have the songs for it. I love writing Christmas songs. It's easy for me, I really get into it.

    I remember my manager saying, "That's enough. One for each forthcoming Christmas album, good. I have four CDs of new songs and I'm trying to pick out of those the ones that I want to turn into real songs for the album. Some of them are good, and some of them, I laugh so I hard and say, "What am I thinking? Does this particular batch that you're working on lately tend towards a certain style? You know, I've always written songs the same way. I just try to come up with the best melody I can.

    I want something a little different, I don't like to come up with the same standard thing, but I want a good melody and good words and that's it. The only thing on top of that I like to have is some energy. My pet peeve is records that start slow and then get sleepy. Downer kind of records. Maybe other people like that in their life, kind of real slow, low-beat lugubrious things, but I want some energy in a record because I find that helps me get through the day. You can have a couple of ballads, but you've got to have some energy on the thing.

    I'm going to tell you something that nobody else knows about this--if you listen, in the background, it's got this Hawaiian chanting, right? I went, "I want that chanting sound I've heard on Hawaiian records, but I don't want to Chris isaak and his girlfriends make up words," because that's as bad as the old movies where the natives are just making up gibberish. So I said, "I can't just make it up," and I don't know anybody who speaks the Hawaiian language, so I went out and got a Hawaiian dictionary and I looked up words that were "red" and "green" and I looked up all these different Christmas words to see which words had the right amount of syllables and I put them in there.

    The background is at least my attempt not to have gibberish but to at least have some Hawaiian words. Once again my manager's like, "You know, nobody cares but you," and I go, "Yeah, but I don't want to offend some Hawaiian dude who actually speaks the language and goes 'Why's he making fun of me? Although anything that Larry Storch was in, I'm for. I actually met Larry Storch in Vancouver. He could not have been a cooler guy. Just hilarious in real life and a sweet man. He came out and he said, "I wanted to say hi.

    I was laying in bed with my wife, we were watching TV and we were watching you do an interview, and my wife said, 'That guy's a nice guy. I think he's probably smart. The comedic timing that guy had was genius. Do you know who Lord Buckley is? He was a comedian. He did records in the fifties, he was kind of a jazz-speaking comedian. He spoke in the lexicon of the jazz world and he did these spoken word oratories that were just funny. He's a hilarious guy, and Larry knew him. It was interesting to meet somebody who actually met one of these people who you go, "Oh my god, that guy? He's not just F-Troop, believe me.

    Bob Dylan once said, "Buckley was the hipster bebop preacher who defied all labels. Yeah, he has a great voice, very sonorous. I love it when you listen to someone talk and you want to keep listening. Another less-seen version of "Wicked Game" is directed by David Lynch and comprises scenes from the film Wild at Heart. In Isaak split with longtime guitarist James Calvin Wilsey. That year's Forever Blue album and the accompanying tour featured Hershel Yatovitz on guitar. In an interview with Mark Needham, an engineer who worked with Isaak on "Wicked Game," Needham claimed that it took several years to put the track together.

    The song is on his Forever Blue album. The music video for the song is directed by Herb Rittsit was shot in color and featured Isaak and French supermodel Laetitia Casta in a motel room. This was Isaak's second collaboration with Ritts. Isaak composed a theme song for U. It aired from March to March in the United States on the cable television network Showtime. This adult comedy show featured Isaak and his band playing themselves and the episode plots were based on fictional accounts of the backstage world of Isaak—the rock star next door.

    Isaak's producer, Erik Jacobsenwas instrumental in his sound for 15 years. Isaak ceased working with Jacobsen on his album, Always Got Tonight. Buddy Hollyreleased in September They made one of these things and gave it to me to see if I liked it, and I liked it so much I've been playing it ever since. People told me they thought it was a White Falcon, but it's not. It's just a white Gibson.

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