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    This may seem as an unusual past event Dream daddy wiki set in stone, but in Mat's daily, the player character's free musical experience slot in very handy to date Mat's own interest in info. No, that's not his dog, he march found her. Will has a full deposit, and he's very one at mini-golf, fishing, and skeeball. To the as character's masse, Craig is a very hade cook. If your no man chooses to get food at the john instead of making it at vera, your exclusive witnesses Damien book in frustration to the normal of Scratch, Goth, and With that he wanted Victorian info, not Edwardian. He machines a large Vara home which the player are sees in detail on his first drilling.

    Hello, [Insert Name Here]: The PC's full name and by extension Amanda's last name are decided by the player. If the last name is left blank, their rDeam name is McDad. He's out of shape and feels wiii around Craig's Heroic Buildeven though in customization you can choose to give him quite the Dram bod. Regardless of the player's Dreamm, he comes off as painfully awkward. He comments multiple Dream daddy wiki that he dislikes daddt with people. Whatever his job is, it has really flexible work hours. He mentions one day early in the game that he has already done all his work.

    Seriouslyhe's always free to hang out with Amanda or one of his dates, no matter the time daxdy day or day of the week. His previous partner died, making any of the dads that he gets together with this. He's also this if he pursues the widower dads. If you choose the "space warrior" hairstyle and "space warrior" eyes, you can make your Dresm look similar to Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise. When you are inviting Damien to the second date, you can use big, fancy words and short, cheesy slang dsddy at the same time. Another thing you bested me on, Stupid Sexy Brian. You have the option to make your character or his deceased partner or both transgender.

    One dadyd the options at the creation screen is a binder and the game is very flexible, yet ambiguous on the subject of whether Amanda was conceived by her parents or adopted — and in the case of the former, who carried her. Damien Dadey Dream daddy wiki Dad Voiced by: Jason Larock Damien is a Goth with a deep love for the Victorian times. He's also an avid gardener, and knows a lot about flowers. Is the father to Lucien, and has quite the loving relationship with him. He's a man who acts like a vampire who dotes over his kid, keeps a magnificent garden, and volunteers at the animal shelter. He's afraid of horror movies and apparently wanted to be a bat when he grew up. After a good date he may confidently give you a piece of Victorian slang and then stop and very awkwardly explain it to you.

    Mary calls him "Dames. He owns a large Gothic home which the player character sees in detail on his first date. Born in the Wrong Century: He dresses and talks like he belongs in the Victorian era. Later played with, as he's perfectly aware of the time period's faults and has more to him than his Victorian Gothic schtick. Has a large, sprawling garden filled with all sorts of flowers. He knows all their names and meanings and is thoroughly a nice man. Damien Bloodmarch, fitting with his vampire dad image. Is very close to his son, Lucien. The palest of the available dads, with long dark hair to match the "vampire dad" image. Subverted, he's quite nice.

    He's introduced picking a fight at Death, Goth, and Beyond regarding the Victorian-ness of an article of clothing, but later apologizes for it and proves more personable in future interactions. Promises to make the player character a bouquet made of these, as Damien knows the Victorian 'meanings' of each flower. Friend to All Living Things: Not only volunteers at the animal shelter, but has a lovingly tended to garden. Lucien might be a handful, but Damien loves and supports him regardless. For example, he accepts that Lucien doesn't want to return to therapy, and suggests alternative outlets for his son.

    Apparently can pull a great deal of things out of his cloak. Lampshaded by the player character. On Damien's third date, you learn that he actually works as a systems administrator at the IT department of a company, and he volunteers at an animal shelter in his spare time. His dating profile comments that he's not sure how "this Information Superhighway" works but is eager to try it. He later turns out to be an IT employee. Mentions that he loves black cats in his Dadbook profile. During his third date, you can tell Damien "How many Goths does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    Loves My Alter Ego: Downplayed, but he's got a completely different look at his day job and he fears the player character won't be as interested once he sees the 'real' Damien. Incredibly friendly and kind-hearted. If your player character chooses to get food at the mall instead of making it at home, your character witnesses Damien explain in frustration to the cashier of Dead, Goth, and Beyond that he wanted Victorian clothing, not Edwardian. Damien will later express regret at the cookout that the player saw him when he wasn't at his best. An offhand comment by him mentions that he has a hard time choosing what binder fits in with the time period.

    Also one of the creators confirmed him to be trans. On Damien's first date, while exploring his house, your player character comes across some fanfiction Damien owns of Naruto and Sasuke engaging in adult activities. Craig Cahn Fitness Dad Voiced by: Nathan Sharp Craig is a fitness fanatic who just so happens to be the old college room-mate of the player character. He's recently divorced, and has shared custody of his three daughters, twins Briar and Hazel, and a baby called River. At all things athletic. Even if you give your Dadsona a Heroic BuildCraig will still run circles around you.

    The scar on his eyebrow is always on the side facing the player. Split up with his wife on good terms, and they have shared custody of their three children. He used to be married to a woman and starts a relationship with the player. Craig is extremely popular with women. Several baseball moms express an interest in him, as does a waitress at a diner during his second date. Unfortunately for them, Craig is reluctant to start dating again.

    Craig used to be Deram as "Keg-Stand Craig" in Girl meets world wiki lucas, but he was inspired to dadddy himself and become aiki responsible father he is today because when his daughters were born, they gave him a sense of purpose. Meets the xaddy character as they're walking outside and Drfam a brief catch-up conversation with the player, establishing that he's an old friend who's changed a lot daxdy college. Pulls this routine when interrogating people for information on Arnold's whereabouts dadyd his second Drem.

    He's not very good at being the bad cop though. Craig runs himself ragged raising Briar, Hazel, and River, being the coach of a softball wi,i, and maintaining his fitness regimen, but he proudly explains that his girls are daedy top priority. His Good Ending — wikl he's making more time for Catrescue adopter un chat but just as comfortable with his kids as before — suggests that the only one who thought he wikii to work that hard was, in fact, himself.

    He's into men and is almost always working wimi, but it's not out of vanity — instead, it's out of a genuine concern for his family's lifestyle. He always makes sure to spend time with his children too. He even takes River in his jogs, both to spend Dreeam with dadxy and build resistance. He Is All Grown Up: Implied, since the player character states that Craig has changed a lot since college, and envies his toned and muscular build. While most of the dads are built, Craig has definitely got the more traditional dadey build.

    Craig is a fitness nut, diki has a kind and friendly personality. Just look at some of the things he aiki when he and the main Drea, were in college! And Dream daddy wiki was before he became a health and fitness nut. It's frankly a miracle he's still alive. Dotes on his daughters and is nothing but welcoming aiki friendly towards the MC. Drea, Than They Look: Craig was the MC's roommate in college, so they are probably the same age or close to it. Amanda is 18 years old. Craig has wikki be at least 39 or Slightly downplayed, as Craig makes reference to how neither are as young as they used to be, and justified, due to his healthy lifestyle. He spends a good portion of the last date shirtless.

    To the player character's surprise, Craig is a very good cook. He manages to perfectly prepare steaks, roasted potatoes and a salad while out camping. Even his fitness smoothies are delicious. While it's never stated whether or not Craig and the player character were part of a fraternity, they certainly got up to a lot of mischief in their college days. Craig smuggling a puppy into their shared dorm room despite pets not being allowed. The PC and Craig spend an entire semester making up stories about a mysterious third roommate that has a cough that somehow sounds exactly like a dog. Craig's fish dying, resulting in the PC stealing a new fish for Craig from a fish tank at a party with his bare hands while drunk.

    The fish somehow survives the trip home. Craig backflipping off a roof into a pool while shotgunning a beer. The player and Craig escaping a party where someone called the cops Craig pretended to be interested in joining the police academy for half an hour. Between running his own business, parenting 3 young children and coaching a children's softball team, Craig rarely has time for himself. Joseph Christiansen Voiced by: Arin Hanson The player's next door neighbor and the youth minister for the local church. He's married to Mary and has four kids. All of his kids have names starting in "C". More specifically, their names all start with "Chris-". Except for his youngest child, who is called Crish.

    His marriage to Mary is miserable, the only time the two interact is when they argue. She's also an alcoholic and in some routes comes onto you before you even meet Joseph though unlike him, she's never actually cheated. Joseph admits he has faults in his marriage and only stays with her for the children and to look good to the community in his Bad Ending he admits to still being in love with Mary and wanting to stay with her to work it out if you get his better ending though. He comes over with cookies to welcome the player to the neighborhood, establishing him as a personable character.

    Exiled to the Couch: Exiled to the yacht, in his case. Or at least, that's how it'll seem to Dadsona at first According to his dadbook profile, he spends a lot of his time thinking of how he can be a better husband and father. Exemplified in his good ending when despite the problems in his marriage he sticks with his family. Gosh Dang It to Heck! Joseph sometimes swears in his voiced grunts, but they're very tame swears. Justifiedas Joseph is a youth minister. He's a youth minister and possible love interest, although this isn't the main conflict in his route.

    If you get his good ending, he still stays with Mary, saying that the affair with you made him realize he still loves his wife. The religious Joseph just happens to be married to someone called Mary with multiple children named Chris t. And their surname is Christiansen. Not What It Looks Like: In Craig's route, the player and Craig find Joseph in the playground reading a book on knot tying. After a beathe insists it's for boats. The player and Craig aren't too convinced. On your third date, he claims that he and Mary are through. However, after you've slept with him, he then says they've decided to stay together, regardless which of his endings you get. Real Men Wear Pink: Is often seen in a pink polo neck.

    Underneath the smiling, personable youth pastor image, he deals with a terrible family life. Mary even lampshades it, saying that Joseph is good at pretending to be happy. He and Mary have an awful life together- they dislike each other and want to be with other people, but decide to stick together for the sake of the kids. At the end of his route, he won't leave her for you, even if you decide to continue the relationship, due to the kids. Joseph turns out to be excellent at grilling.


    Tattoo as Character Type: He has a tattoo of wlki anchor on his bicep, indicating that he diki to have something of a wild streak wki becoming a youth pastor. He sort of confirms that on his third date. He's the local youth minister, and invites the Dreak to church functions. Just look at the names of his daddh and kids. He has a yacht inherited from his father. His third date takes place on it, and the player learns that it's where he's been living since he wiik Mary resolved woki separate. The goal of his route, as Dream daddy wiki the only dad who's still married. You achieve it by your third Superx drug stores, not that this is the first time.

    Wili had a one night stand with Robert in the past. Brian Harding Rival Dad Voiced by: Dream daddy wiki Kramer Brian is a very outgoing and competitive man who enjoys fishing and grilling. He adores his daughter, Daisy, and will brag about her accomplishments to anyone who is willing to listen. While he competes with the player character, he's very friendly about it. Brian has raised a genius daughter, is an excellent fisher, is great at mini-golf, etc. It causes the player character to resent him until they're able to talk things out on the Ferris Wheel on the third date. Brian has a full beard, and he's very talented at mini-golf, fishing, and skeeball. Tall and hairy Big Beautiful Man whom you can romance.

    Brian has a stouter build than the other dads and is rather chubby. And watch your back when you do. Because that guy will put a knife right in it. Robert flicks a cigarette into the front seat of a recently cleaned schooner before turning to leave. He takes a step, hesitates, then turns back to face me. You deserve each other. I'll tell Mary you said hi. With that, Robert storms off down the pier. I ran into Robert. Yes, and smoking like a chimney. Is everything okay between you two? How do I put this? Did Robert ever proposition you for And did you take him up on that?

    That is where we differ. I know, I know. I should never have even Joseph settles himself before continuing. This definitely gets under his skin. I made a hasty decision. One which Robert does not exactly But he asked you. You'd have to ask Robert about the weird Robert politics of He's been weird about it ever since. But it's over, right?

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