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    One particularly satisfying feature is the ability to target gas tanks. A single well-placed round will cause any car in San Andreas to explode—aim for the gas cap to find out how decidedly badass this new feature is in Dildos gta san andreas. Kneeling greatly increases the accuracy of the M4, try kneeling as often as possible when using the weapon. Even while kneeling, it is possible to roll side to side while holding R1 by pressing left or right on the left analog. To the concern of San Andreas' police forces, the M4 is readily available at Ammu-Nations across the state.

    Originally developed for the Soviet army, it features a rugged yet simple design which makes it both cheap to produce and highly versatile on the battlefield. Its durability and affordability have also made even older, used models popular for warring gangs. For the most part, it works just like the M4 in the game, only with a smaller magazine size, and perhaps a little better accuracy due to its slightly slower rate of fire. The AK47, and the M4 above, both have an impressive range Hot girl fuck slutload them, which allows for locking onto targets and taking them out before they pose an immediate threat.

    After reaching Hitman status with either assault rifle, you'll be able to move about and strafe a bit while firing, with an extended lock-on range to boot. It's just a basic lever-action repeater rifle one might expect to see in the hands of a hunter or a cowboy. Hitting R1 with this won't invoke an auto-target reticle, but instead skips straight to a free-aim mode like that of its assault flavored brethren. Given its lack of a lock-on feature and slow reloading, one might think it rather pointless to use. However, with a per-bullet damage rate second only to the sniper rifle, mini-gun, and Desert Eagle at Gangster level and upit does earn its keep in the hands of a decent marksman.

    For added accuracy, be sure to crouch when lining up a shot. That said, the reload time on this weapon is a little bit longer than the regular rifle, but the addition of a scope makes every shot well worth the wait. Press and hold R1 to bring up the scope, then use R2 and L2 to zoom in and out, and of course the right analog stick to line up the shot. Once your unsuspecting, distant target is in the crosshairs, circle or L1 unleashes a powerful round rivaled only by the leveled-up Desert Eagle and mini-gun which can take an opponent's head clean off from as far as the scope will see. And, like the other guns, crouching will provide a more stable position to fire from.

    If need be, you can also roll to the sides and move forward and backwards while using the scope in this position, although navigation and keeping a target lined up this way takes a bit of practice and stick juggling. Take a glass bottle, fill it with something flammable usually petrolshove a rag in the top, light the rag on fire, and give it a toss. The primary purpose is, of course, an anti-personnel weapon, but it can also be used strategically for defense. One of the new features found in San Andreas is the ability to set the environment on fire, and the ability for that fire to continue to burn- and even spread in most cases.

    In the event you ever find yourself facing multiple enemies coming at you from a single choke point such as a door or alleywaya well placed molotov can be used to effectively block their route. With a wall of flames between you and them, they'll either be forced to brave the fire usually with rather fatal results or wait and shoot from where they're at. If they're smart enough to choose the latter, you can keep your distance and shoot from your somewhat defended position. Or, you could always just toss a few more in hopes of burning the lot of them. With these and any other thrown weaponthe longer you hold the circle button, the farther they will go when released.

    Grenade - Long carried by infantry soldiers to aid in removal of pesky hardened positions and enemies hiding behind things, grenades are quite simple in theory. When used properly, grenades do a bang-up job of taking out cars and anybody who might use them for cover and clearing out closed in areas filled with opponents. If you're not careful, you might also end up causing a chain reaction in congested areas which ends with exploded cars all about and lots of police attention.

    Replacement of dildo.ifp in GTA San Andreas (11 file)

    But then, Kemaluan kunsa may very well be the desired effect in some sah Tear Gas - In real life, tear ga is generally amdreas to be a non-lethal weapon, but in the world anfreas GTA, it's anything but. Granted, it does take prolonged exposure to the gas to kill, sann in confined spaces, this can be arranged. However, seeing as the Djldos causes people to stop andreax their doing while they cover their face Dildos gta san andreas cough, the most practical use for this weapon is to slow enemies down while you escape or switch to another weapon.

    In any case, this stuff opens up some strategy options when it otherwise seems you're hopelessly outgunned. Remote Hisap zakar - AKA satchel bombs, players can throw a number of these about, then conveniently blow them all up later with the sn remote. The potential for mischief with these things is only limited by the imagination, well, and the CPU's ability to remember where they're at, but, still On a mission andgeas you have to ambush and kill a ped or destroy andgeas car?

    Try figuring Dildos gta san andreas where they'll pass, and set up a nice booby trap for them! Or if you suspect the next andteas you're anfreas walk around has enemies waiting for you, throw down a few bombs, run in, and lure them out to an explosive doom. Any way you look at it, there's much fun to be had here. Heavy Artillery Flame Thrower - As the name would suggest, it throws flames. The basic concept behind a flame thrower is a tank filled with napalm which is sprayed through a nozzle and ignited by a pilot light on the way out. In the hands of a skilled user, this weapon can prove to be quite hazardous to all involved- including said user.

    While it does a lovely job of setting enemies, cars, and, well, everything on fire, one runs the risk of burning themself as well. Between panicked flaming people bumping into you, thereby sharing their pain, you've also got to look out for the fire on the ground spreading to you. Especially in areas with lots of grass and such. With some luck though, such hazards can be used to your advantage; be it enemies catching other enemies on fire, or setting up a defensive wall of flame around you. Regardless of the risks involved, the flame thrower is great fun and an extremely deadly weapon to play with.

    Designed to deliver massive and withering barrages of ammunition at an alarming rate of fire, this weapon is designed for total destruction of the target and anything around it. Despite its massive size and weight, the gun is portable enough to be carried--and fired--on the streets of San Andreas. Police responding to an incident where a mini-gun is in use would be quick to call in SWAT to deal with the menace. An intricate piece of machinery, its belt driven mechanics will turn the barrels even if the gun is not firing, a sound that eerily forecasts the destruction that is about to be unleashed. Hold R1 to spin up the barrel and squeeze L1 to fire. Basically, it's just a big tube with a scope and a trigger to ignite the rockets which propel impact-triggered grenades.

    One shot is usually all it takes to blow up any car or group of cars for that matteralthough there are a number of vehicles which require multiple hits to destroy, such as tanks and armored vans. Obviously, you don't want to use one of these in any sort of close quarters combat, but if you couldn't figure that out, chances are you can't read this page anyway.

    Lightweight and portable, this shoulder-fired andteas missile system is designed to shoot down low-altitude jets, propeller-driven aircraft zan helicopters. The fire-and-forget system allows the player to lock onto a heat source, usually a car or plane, fire the weapon, and begin acquiring new targets before the warhead has even destroyed the first target. To activate, bring up the gga reticle by pressing R1. Continue holding down R1 and center the viewfinder Dildps the target. The reticle will acquire the nearest Dilcos, and then change from green to yellow and finally to red, indicating that you have achieved target lock. You can fire the weapon at any stage of the lock-on process, but the closer to red, the more effective your strike will be.

    The production, research, and development of the Stinger Missile System is a secret, but intrepid pilots flying over the deserts on the outskirts of Las Venturas have a ton of stories about near misses with the Dildos gta san andreas. Or, maybe it's not, as the main purpose for saan spray can is to throw up Grove Street tags over those of rival gangs. Using the paint is really quite simple, just hold R1 to target a tag or ped, if you really want toand hold circle until the tag is finished. If you're in a real tight Pee slutload you can use it as a weapon with similar results to the tear ga, thought it's hardly effective enough to rely on for a primary defense.

    Oh, and you can always find one in the upstairs bedroom at the Johnson House in Ganton should you amdreas some paint. Camera - The camera first made its appearance in Vice City as a one-off item used in a single mission. This time around, the camera is not only used in a few missions and side quests, it actually has some andeas uses in and of itself. By holding R1, the screen switches to the viewfinder where you can aim with the sa stick plus zoom in and out with L2 and R2. In mission situations where you're required to take pics, the circle button takes the picture and you're done.

    If you're so inclined to actually save the pic to look at later, hitting L1 will allow you to save the image to your memory card, where you can access it via the gallery in the pause menu any time you want. Fire Extinguisher - Considering the new ability to set the environment on fire, it's only natural that a fire extinguisher was included in the game. Unless you're the conscientious criminal type who likes to clean up behind your fiery rampages, chances are you'll really only use this in missions which require escaping from burning buildings.

    Whatever the reason you use it, doing so is just a matter of aiming with R1 and the right stick, and pressing circle to spray the foamy stuff. For best results, aim at the base of the fire and continue spraying until it goes out. After equipping the 'chute which happens automatically when jumping from an airborne planeyou can dive, rotate, and glide a bit during free-fall with the left stick. At some point or another, it would be a good idea to deploy the parachute by pressing circle. Thermal Goggles - These, as one might guess from the name, allow you to to see the heat signatures given off by peds, cars, and whatnot.

    By selecting them from your item list and pressing circle to equip or unequip laterthe screen turns a rather psychedelic set of blue, purple, pink, and red hues; with blue being cold and red being hot, of course. After equipping the goggles, you're free to switch to another weapon so as to freely take out enemies you couldn't have seen otherwise. Naturally, they're best to use at night when it's hard to see otherwise, but even then they're still better suited to longer range combat. Night-Vision Goggles - Not to be confused with the goggles above though they share an identical iconthe night-vision flavor of goggles amplifies extremely dim available light and presents it in a green-ish display so you can see what's going on in the dark.

    In situations where one must move around a lot, especially indoors with lots of obstacles, night-vision is usually the best way to go. Or if you need to work at long range outside, the thermal goggles are generally better. That's right, there's a functional jetpack in San Andreas. It's not a standard selectable item, per se, as it automatically equips itself and your submachine gun when you pick it up, so you'll never really see the HUD icon for it. Using the jetpack is a bit like flying a helicopter: The big difference in the controls is that pressing left or right on the stick makes you turn, whereas L2 or R2 handle the strafing.

    Pressing both together lets you hover in place, and then R1 allows you to aim your submachine gun like normal. Once you're finished rocketing about, pressing triangle will abandon the pack wherever you are, even if that means hundreds of meters in the air. Remote Detonator - This is another non-standard piece of equipment which doesn't replace anything in the equipment slot. If you want to fly a jet high over San Fiero and jump out with a parachute, you can do that. Maybe you'd rather spend your time committing drive-bys on the strip in Las Venturas.

    San Andreas has all that and more. You've got the venerable Rockstar Games to thank. Enter the following during gameplay. After entering most of the following codes, simply re-enter it to toggle it off. Thanks to Bone for figuring this one out. All Taxis Have Nitro: The King Lives all peds are Elvis: One Gun in Each Hand: Only Gangs on the Streets: Get 6 Star Wanted Level: Hitman in All Weapons: This will unlock the weak weapons. This will unlock the medium weapons. This will unlock the powerful weapons. Bounty on your head: Armor, health, money, and street creds: Press L3 to jump in a car.

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